Welcome to the official website of Lexasis
In short, Lexasis is italian start up  specializing in research and development for  knowledge and digital publishing. We examine and provide ideas, reports and strategies for our readers, to provide editorial and business-to-business education services for the communication and enhancement of Italian resources : a startup for the digital economy of knowledge. Lexasis’s mission is to help our readers in new ways to business. Our digital products are available on our market place Lexasis.com and other retailers, providing solutions tailored from traditional print media to new cross media on web. We hope that you will join us on one of our many intellectual trips as book, learning or software.

2017 – Founded ad based in  Consorzio Arca – University of Palermo, good place to work with focus on performance and learning.

2018 – New Management change office and business providing opportunities for research and development.

Our vision and culture
Our main software is open source and  do not stop when it comes to supporting researchers and developers. We like free markets, unrestricted freedom of speech and thought, and defense of individual and company liberty. All our actions, products and languages are driven by a shared understanding that someone  depends on our work .  We like sharing data and ideas and we want everyone to feel that they have an input into how the business works. Our culture is open, informal, and based around lifelong learning, with an enthusiasm for technology. People at Lexasis have in common a love for books, learning and software.  People can trust Lexasis.

Lexasis has the following objectives:
1. Use of open source software for  knowledge.
2. Realize a digital sales platform for our products via the Web, as well distribute products in partnership with companies.
3. Create a multilingual and multiuserable Web environment for the collection, and online store of data and multimedia information.
4. Create a permanent training lab with researchers, collaborators and authors for researching and developing high-tech products to meet the needs of our users.
5. Make a workshop with companies to evolve our and their library of digital works.

Data Company

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